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Hostel Accommodation

The most conspicuous and laudable achievement of this institution is that it has established and sustained excellent boarding facilities, in addition to the day school.

To begin with, the hostel for the boys is in the premises of the institution . All the needs and desires of the students are catered to, and place has become a veritable home for them.

Dormitory & Dining Facilities

Cozy, completely furnished and attractive dormitories are where the students reside. They have their meals and snacks in a comfortable, and a spacious dining hall.

Medical Facilities

Regular Medical check-ups are undertaken. In the eventuality of the students falling sick, they are adequately attended to by the school doctor, and all necessary precaution are taken.


Guided by the prime concern of the all round and total development of each child, the institution ensures that special and individual attention is paid to all the students. During the academic years 2003-2004, the result of the boarders at secondary and senior secondary level was 100 percent.

To attain this objective a host of well qualified and experienced teachers have been appointed, who are constantly at the disposal of the students.

The academic performance of the weaker students is boosted and facilitated by organizing remedial classes for them and teachers for all the subjects are available for this purpose.


A very special endeavour is made to afford adequate opportunities for play to the students, in order to do away with any kind of drudgery, and at the same time enhance their physical fitness.

Games of all kinds such as Swimming, Horse-riding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Table Tenis, Lawn Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton, Basket Ball, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Martial Arts, Yoga & medication etc. add to their fancy and fascination. They are supervised and coached by adequately trained Physical Education teachers and coaches.

Daily Schedule

Discipline is the way of life; keeping this dictum in mind, a routine has been framed which is to be strictly to be adhered to by the students; it commences at 5:30 AM and culminates at 10:30 PM.(tentatively)


Computer Education & English Speaking

Regular computer classes in an air conditioned computer lab equipped with the facilities of internet and multimedia, are mandatory for all the students. Not only this, English speaking is a must in every nook and corner of the school campus.

Common Room

The students are not detached and dissociated from the world outside. An inviting common room with facilities of television, VCP, CD Player and newspaper, keeps them abreast with the latest global events and incidents. Besides this Saturday is exclusively for fun, frolic and plenty of recreation for the students.


Tour & Excursions

And this is not the end of it , educational excursion, especially to places of historical significance, and outings are frequently organized. Few of the places visited are Mount Abu, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Mumbai, Goa, Kullu Manali, Dalhousie, Shimla, Chennai, Pondicheri, K Anchipuram, Madurai, Rameshwaram, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Banglore, Mysore, Ooty, Vaishno Devi, Pindari glacier and Singapore etc. Apart from this, camps are organized annually, and form a vital aspect of their curriculum. They are also instrumental in giving tremendous impetus to every part of their personality. They add the much needed colour and flavour to the life of students, here.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that R.L.P.S. has established a boarding system , which not only nurtures, and provides good and quality education to it’s educants , but also make them feel at home because that’s an institution with a difference.

Addmission in hostel, for boys of classes iv to xii is purely on merit. prospectus and registration forms are available in the school office on all the working days between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. for registration, prospectus can be had by paying rs. 100/- plus rs. 50/- as postage charges.

The Prospectus can also be availed by filling up the downloaded registration form. The completely filled registration form should be sent to the school’s office with a demand draft of Rs 150 in favour of the concerned school of admission.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Boarders are not allowed to bring items of clothing, jewellery, cosmetics or eatables other than what is permitted in the prospectus or by a circular by the principal. Boxes with personal luggage will be checked by hostel warden and other authorities when a boarder enters the hostel initially. Checking at any time may also be carried out, including, when they proceed for home and also when they return from home.

  2. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the authorities against the boarders returning late to school after vacation or any other break without having obtained prior permission. The Principal is empowered to remove a boarder from the hostel on grounds of indiscipline, misbehaviour or gross neglect of academics and frequent absence.

  3. Ordinarily, boarders are not allowed to go home during the session except for very special reasons explained in the written application by the parents, and with the prior approval of the principal.

Holidays & Exeat for Boarders

  1. Hostel is closed for nearly two months for summer vacation, and eight days for winter vacation , when all resident pupils may proceeded for home.

  2. “Local Exeat” will only be granted students parents and authorized local guardians are in station .Such exeat wil be allowed only on second Sunday of every month . The warden is empowered to grant leave to boarders on exeat days . Special leave on any other day is granted by the principal only .

Uniform/Other items required by the boarder

List of clothings and other items is given in the uniform list. The item should not be sent later as this causes inconvenience to the hostel authorities. All clothing items should be embroidered with the name and number of the pupil before sending a pupil to the hostel. In any case if a resident student does not have his uniform of correct design and colour or if the number of items or clothing or linen etc. in sufficient it will be procured by the school and the amount deducted from his pocket

S. No. Items Quantity
1 Green Uniform * 02 Pairs
2 White Uniform * 02 Pairs
3 Night Suits (Light Colour) * 03 Sets
4 Undergarments (Cotton) * 06 Sets
5 Black Shoes * 01 Pair
6 PT Shoes (White) * 01 Pair
7 Black ; White Shoe Polish 01 each
8 Pillow without cover * 01
9 Text Books * Complete Set
10 Note Books * Complete Set
11 Dictionary (medium) * 01
12 Geometry Box * 01
13 Toilet Soap 03
14 Tooth Brush 02
15 Tooth Paste 01
16 Hair Oil, Shampoo, Nail Cutter 01 each
17 Very Small Lock with 2 keys 01
18 Small Lock with 2 keys 01
19 Green ; White Socks * 02 pairs each
20 Bathroom Slippers * 01 pair
21 Sandels * 01 pair
22 Black ; White thread with needle 01 pair
23 Bucket, Mug & School Bag * 1 each
24 Comb 01
25 Vaseline Cream 01tube
26 Quilt 4.5" x 6' (Dark brown with dark brown cover) * 01
27 Bottle Green blazer with school mono* 01
28 Bottle Green half sweater* 01
29 Towel (large)* 02
30 Hangers 01dozen
31 Handkerchieves* 04
  1. All items with * must be marked with your name with non removable ink or Embroidery or any such appropriate marker.
  2. Items will be counted at the gate before allowing you for hostel entry.
  3. No relaxation in any item will be allowed.
  4. Item no. 26,27,28 are for winter session to be availed by 1st Nov.
  5. Sports dress - 02 pairs, Track suit - 01 and Bed sheets (with pillow cover) - 02 to be provided by school through pocket money account.
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