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Introduction & History
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Commitments of RLPS (Mission Statement)

The Incredible Vision

The vision of Pt.Vishwanath Sharma Hindu Charitable Trust is to develop the new educational system, which imparts quality education, providing the students necessary knowledge and where withheld, thereby facilitating in developing a scientific temper, modern out-look and love for the Motherland, its culture, heritage and traditions, with English as the medium of instruction.

Our Goals

The Management believes that education is a preparation for life, that is an enjoyable and interactive process. It equips the students to be thinking, caring and confident young adults. We are committed in developing patriotic and responsible citizens who are compassionate, open minded, logical and creative.

Our Philosophy

The emphasis at our School is on Learning rather than on Teaching. Real learning comes from doing things, taking the knowledge thus gained and apply these to real life situations. The School environment and the curriculum should be so tailor made that these bridge the gap between the Home and the School.

Our Expectations

The children should come running to the School with a broad smile on their face and leave the School with a thought that they will miss the School very much as tomorrow is a holiday; NOT the other way round.

Our Mission

“The Rani Laxmibai Group of Public Schools provides quality education enabling and inspiring students to be passionate learners, responsible citizens and fulfilled individuals to make well informed choices in the diverse and dynamic world.”

Our Objectives

  • All students will eagerly and actively demonstrate their passion for learning.

  • All students will choose to actively and personally contribute to the improvement of the community.

  • All students will acknowledge their unique qualities and confidently pursue/peruse their interest and aspirations.

Our Strategies

  • We will enlist and maintain participation of all members of our Community ensuring the institutionalization of our strategic plans.

  • Capitalizing on our unique and diverse population, will establish and maintain partnerships involving all members of the wider community to expand and strengthen our resources to achieve our strategic objectives.

  • We will develop and implement and develop clearly articulated personal policies and procedures that enable Rani Laxmibai Group of Public Schools to attract, motivate, develop and retain staff who are qualified and committed to attaining our mission and objectives.

  • We will create effective communication system that encourages on going dialogue among members of Rani Laxmibai Group of Public Schools community to build understanding, trust and mutual respect.

  • We will examine, align and if necessary, transform our curriculum and staff development programmes to ensure that all programmes and personnel contribute to achieve our objective.

  • We will develop the means to access our progress in achieving are strategic objectives and use the data to ensure that appropriate adjustments in our programme are made.

Our Delimiters

We will not initiate any new programmes or services unless –

  • It is consistent with and contributes to our mission.

  • Accountability for implementation and management is clear.

  • Those affected by it are informed and when necessary, involved.

Our Motto

The Motto of Rani Laxmibai Group of Public Schools is “Valour and Sacrifice” emphasizing the physical, mental and spiritual growth and development of a child and the pursuit of excellence in all spheres of activities, even by sacrificing one’s own welfare and comfort.

Our Monogram

Our monogram symbolizes our motto
and the name of the Schools.

Shri K.N Singh
Board of Patrons
Dr. D.V Kapur
Board of Patrons
Shri B.K Goswami
Board of Patrons
Late Dr. (Pt.) Vishwanth Sharma
Board of Trustees
Shri Anurag Sharma
Board of Trustees
Mrs. Shalini Bhargava
Managing Trustee
Board of Trustees
Padma Shri. Prakash Singh
Board of Trustees
Air Commodore K.L.Bhatia
Board of Trustees
Shri Satish Bhasin
Board of Trustees
Shri Tribhuvan Singh Bhoj
Board of Trustees
Col. B.D.Dangwal
Hon. Secretary
Board of Trustees
Managing Trustee

Labore et virtue. The terms of our trust dictum, hard work and moral excellence,.......

Founder’s Message

Our earnest endeavour to project the vision and mission of our Trust in the areas of education, human service, culture and spirituality.....



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